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Modem began in the winter of 2002. The first of electronic audio sketches created in 14 days of isolation by at the time a very reclusive Prime Device. Free from any human intervention, alone in a nearly abandoned apartment somewhere in Northern Las Vegas the foundation for Modem a was undergoing a necessary masonic outpour to a 16 track digital Korg N364. Time was most certainly of the essence and soon this exile would come to pass. Once the last of organized electronic ramblings were programmed into a recently purchased ER-1 drum machine, device packed his machines, drums, clothes, and personals, leaving the rest of what he then considered un-needed behind. Miraculously, a toaster would make its’ way through the front window, which never let in any natural light, “this is surely the devils’ den”, he thought as he closed the door for the last time. Headed to Colorado on whim, a 12 hour nonstop trek across the desert, and through the rockies would land him at the doorstep of former band mate and cohort TNT. “You look as if you need a drink my friend”, he attentively exclaimed, “there is a bar up the road, I believe tequila is your poison of choice?” Certainly this man could decode this madness, this electronic barble, certainly he will understand what it all means. “These slots don’t pay out man! It’s completely insane!", I yelled. “I warned you about the desert and prolonged isolation old friend, but it is your way it seems, however it is nice to see you.” Once the road had surely taken its’ tole, and the agave set in, the sun rose quickly. The next day was spent in TNT music studios, as T decoded midi files, twisted knobs, and sonically painted the finishing touches of this much needed article of decompression into the main computer. ‘This could very well be it, Truly there are brighter days ahead now.


released November 13, 2003

Composed and performed by Prime Device and TnT.
Mastered by TnT. Re-mastered 2011.



all rights reserved


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